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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Dear users,

first of all, let me tell you that when learning a foreign language I practise also writing. I write about many different topics. Today I would like to share with you a text that I wrote about fluency in language acquisition. I wrote it as a letter to my friend Harry who asked me about this topic. To be honest, he did not ask me that, I made it up. It was a matter of practise the writing skill. You can write really about anything you want…anything you are interested in.

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Hello, dear users.

Today I deployed a new version of the website for learning the Czech language. As for the website content, I have changed completely everything in comparison to the old version of the website. You will not find anything on this website that was on the previous version. I have planned this change for a long time, but I could not force myself to that, because I was always very busy and I have to admit that I was also a bit lazy. However, to make such a big change is not a question of a short time. I had to work for a long time and very hard to deploy this website. Or more precisely, to make a website and deploy it is not a big deal, but to create all the content that is here now, that was very time-consuming.

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