Website that will help you to learn Czech with ease

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this page, where I will briefly tell you something about myself.

My name is Jaroslav and I come from the Czech Republic. I have been learning English, German and Spanish for many years. I also have some experiences with other languages, such as French, Russian and Portuguese. So I have lots of experience with learning languages.

With regard to helping others with Czech, I have helped many people around the word, with many different requests.


What I have done to help others with Czech:

  • I have created many podcasts that have been used by many people around the world. Everyone can benefit from my lessons.
  • I have had a large number of online conversations with students via Skype.
  • I have corrected many writings.
  • I have recorded many texts that others sent for me to record.
  • I have made many transcriptions of audio and video files.

Well, if you are interested in conversations or anything that you can see above, let me know, because I really have lots of experience.