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Many of you have been waiting for this moment. I am happy to tell you that the Package 2 has been finished. It is really worth it. These lessons are really the best of the best as far as learning Czech goes. I do not think you can find something similar for learning Czech.

First of all I have to mention that when I started creating this course for Czech learners, I started doing these lessons in Level 4. It is very useful, because it will teach you to talk about most commonly used topics topics. These lessons are the best of all from the entire course. But sure, they should be studied after you have some knowledge of the Czech language.

There are 20 lessons in total. Each lesson has 3 parts:  Main part, Questions and Answers part and Grammatical part. In the Main part I will tell you something about the topic which the lessons is focused on, in the present tense. In tlhe Questions and Answers part there are questions related to the content that was in the Main part. So it should not be only passive listening, but you will try to pay attention and try to answer the questions, at least in your mind. Finally, there is sthe third part that is called Grammatical part. I call it in this way because here you will learn grammar, but not by studying grammar rules, but simply…In the Main part, as I mentioned, I use the present tense, in the third part I use either a different person than in the main part or I use a different tense.

Have a look at some demo lessons...

Have a look at the demo lessons below and hopefully everything I tried to explain will be clear. There are only 6 demo lesson to see (there are 20 lessons in total).

My family: 

Leisure activities:

Romeo and Juliet:

My favourite movie

Capital of the Czech Republic:

Multilinguism in the Czech Republic:

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