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About the entire course

The entire course “Czech quickly and effortlessly” is divided to 4 levels, so it is for students from beginner to upper-intermediate level.

I have divided these 4 types of lessons to 2 packages, simply because someone does not want to study lessons for beginners (Package 1), so they prefer to buy only advanced lessons. On the contrary, some beginners want to start to learn Czech, so they may prefer to buy only the first package and after they finish it, they maybe buy the second one. You can look at some demo lessons, so you are familiar with the types of lessons I offer.  

Perhaps you are interested how many lessons are there in the entire course.

Level 1:

  • Lessons for beginners and elementary students.
  • 10 lessons, each lessons has 1 part => 10 individual lessons (10 MP3, 10 PDF)

Level 2: 

  • Lessons for beginners, elementary students and pre-intermediate students.
  • 10 lessons, each lessons has 2 parts => 20 individual lessons (20 MP3, 20 PDF)

Level 3: 

  • Lessons for beginners, elementary and pre-intermediate students.
  • 20 lessons, each lessons has 4 parts => 80 individual lessons (80 MP3, 80 PDF)

Level 4: 

  • Lessons for pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate students.
  • 20 lessons, each lessons has 3 part => 60 individual lessons (60 MP3, 60 PDF)


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I have heard the question, “How do I learn Czech?” from many different people.

Well…by using this course and following my advice, of course! Read more about how to learn Czech, in the following text…


Learn Czech in these ways…

Learn with your ears, not with your eyes...

  • The entire course consists of 170 MP3 files.
  • You need to listen a lot. Listen, listen, listen. Then you will be able to understand what others are saying and be able to imitate the words.

Learn from naturally created lessons...

  • The entire course consists of lessons that are naturally created, not artifically, as they are in the majority of text books.
  • You will be able to use the phrases that you learn, in a daily conversation.

Learn by using English translations...

  • Having an English translation for each sentence, can help you to understand the correct meaning.
  • Imagine that you have only lessons that are completely in Czech. Even some advanced students may have a problem to understand the correct meaning, in some cases.

Learn Czech by answering questions...

  • Learn how to ask somebody for something and to answer it.
  • Real conversations are not about monologues, they are about questions and answers. We usually ask somebody for something, so we should be able to ask as well as answer.

Learn Czech to be able to have day-to-day conversations...

  • At schools we are taught from text books that have lessons about some topics that we will never use, even in our native language. So we will surely not use them in a foreign language. I remember that I had lessons about a specific type of bird, or about a plant. Who would like to talk aobut these things? Maybe someone, but not the majority of people. These lessons are based on commonly used phrases as well as topics and verbs.

Learn Czech grammar in a natural way...

  • Learn Czech grammar naturally, not by studying grammar rules that may frustrate you.
  • The lessons are constructed as they are, so that you will be able to understand the Czech grammar naturally, with no need to study grammar rules. You will learn phrases of the formal and informal language, in different tenses and different persons. Also, you will learn to create questions and answers, and be able to use negative and positive expressions.