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Basic information about this package


The course “Czech quickly and effortlessly – package 2” is for pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate students.

In package 1 there are lessons from Level 1 to Level 3. In this package, there are Level 4 lessons.

Perhaps you are interested to know how many lessons there are in this Level 4 course. Well, there are 20 lessons in total. But each lesson has 3 parts. So, there are 60 individual lessons which means 60 PDF files and 60 MP3 files.


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Level 4 lessons

Basic information about these lessons...

The Level 4 lessons are for pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate students. In this level there are 20 lessons in total. Each lesson has 3 parts, so there are 60 individual lessons to work with.

What you will learn...


These lessons will teach you to have conversations about common topics. This course is really the best of the best, but you have to have some knowledge of the Czech language in order to work with this course. I will also teach you about different tenses (such as the past tense), as well as different persons (1st, 2nd, 3rd persons), etc.

Additional information...


First of all I have to mention that when I started creating this course for Czech learners, I started doing these lessons in Level 4. It is very useful, because it will teach you to talk about the most commonly used topics topics. These lessons are the best of all from the entire course. But they should be studied after you have some knowledge of the Czech language.

Lessons that you can find here...


Lessons: My introduction, my dream, leisure activities, teaching Czech, my family, my girlfriend, capital of the Czech Republic, Czeach Republic, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, my favourite movie, my favourite series, my favourite book, silent period in language acquisition, learning languages by listening, multilinguism in the Czech Republic, etc.

After finishing this course, you will be able to conduct conversations about yourself, your family, your girlfriend (boyfriend), the city where you live, your country, your favourite movie or series, etc. etc.

Structure of each lesson...

There are 3 parts in each lesson. 

The first part is the “Main part”, and you should work with this part first. There are many different commonly used topics that I will mention later.

The second part of each lesson is the “Questions and answers” part. In this part, there are questions which are related to the main part. In the main part, I talk about a specific topic. In the question and answers part, I ask YOU WHILE YOU ARE LISTENING TO IT some questions related to the content that was in the main part. It should not be passive listening. This is because, as you are listening, you should think about the answer and say it, at least in your mind. There are many different types of questions.

The third part of each lesson is the “Grammatical part”. This is because it will teach you some of the grammar in a natural way, without studying any grammar rules. This part is written in the present tense. The grammatical part is written in a different tense, than the main part, or in a different person (3rd person), it depends on the lesson. For example, there is a lesson “My family”. In the main part I talk about my family, so I use the 1st person, but in the grammatical part I talk about my friend’s family, so I use the 3rd person. You will see how verb conjugations work, but not by studying grammar rules. An another example is that there is a lesson “My languages”. In the main part I talk about languages that I know now, and languages that I am currently learning. But in the grammatical part, I talk about myself in the past – what languages I knew when I was at high school and what languages I was learning there. So you can see that by going though this part, you can learn quite a lot – not only about topics, which is extremely useful, but also how to use the past tense or a different person.


Demo lessons...

Have a look at the demo lessons below and hopefully everything I have explained, will be clear. There are only 6 demo lesson to see (there are 20 lessons in total).


My family: 

Leisure activities:

Romeo and Juliet:

My favourite movie

Capital of the Czech Republic:

Multilinguism in the Czech Republic:


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